How Often to Take Your Child to The Dentist?

Establishing a regular dental routine early in life prepares your child for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Nevertheless, every new parent wonder how often to take their child to a dentist.

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry the first dental visit of a child must start around their very first birthday or within six months after their first tooth appears, whichever comes first. This initial visit sounds early, but it serves a crucial purpose beyond just checking for cavities.

First encounter

The kids dentist at Epic Dentistry in Aurora will assess your child’s overall oral development to identify potential issues.

They have helped to introduce many kids to the dental environment in a friendly and positive way. It helps to reduce any anxieties your kid may have around future visits.

Check-up frequency is determined

Following the initial appointment, regular check-up becomes the basis of maintaining good oral health. The check-up frequency is typically every six months. However, it can differ based on your child’s personal needs.

Factors such as the teething process, cavity risks and overall oral hygiene practices influence the recommended frequency.

For example, your kid has a medical condition like diabetes. This can increase oral health risk, which also influences the frequency of dental care facility visits.

Why prioritize biannual dental visits for your child?

  • Regular check-ups allow the dentist to detect and address any potential concerns like gum disease, cavities, or misaligned teeth early on.
  • Catching these concerns in their initial stage allows for simple and less invasive treatments.
  • Your child is saved from discomfort and potentially avoiding more complicated processes later on.

Besides healthy teeth management, regular visits help to –

  • Build trust and familiarity with the dentist, reducing anxiety and making future appointments less stressful.
  • A comfortable and positive dental experience will empower your kid to take charge of their oral health and develop good habits that will last for life.

What is involved in regular teeth check-ups at the pediatric dental clinic?


Professional cleaning, during every visit removes the plaque and tartar build-up. Brushing and flossing are unable to address the build-up fully.

Cleaning regularly keeps your child’s teeth sparkling white and prevents gum disease development.

Monitor oral development

The dentist can monitor your child’s oral development during regular dental visits. They keep track of new teeth eruption, ensure proper jaw alignment and detect potential issues with their bite.

It helps to significantly enhance your kid’s future oral health and prevent the potential need for corrective procedures or braces later in life.

Promote healthy oral practices.

The dentist also educates your child about proper oral hygiene practices. During the visits, they display techniques on how to brush and floss, ensuring your kid is cleaning their teeth efficiently.

The dentist even talks about healthy eating habits for good oral health. They even offer personalized guidance to parents concerned about their kid’s oral health habits.

Establishing a regular dental visit routine biannually starting from your child’s first birthday allows for cultivating a healthy smile that lasts their lifetime.

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