Heal n Soothe Reviews, Does Heal n Soothe Work?


What Does Heal N Soothe Claim To Do?

Heal n Soothe claims to support healthy joints, comfort and joint flexibility. Due to them having a couple of correctly dosed ingredients we can’t disagree with that. However, they claim to be better than an ordinary turmeric supplement, which is actually arguable. As Heal n Soothe doesn’t contain enough curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) to be effective at treating chronic pain such as osteoarthritis. So taking the correct amount may be better to improve joint pain.

Customers Heal n Soothe Reviews

As we already mentioned customer reviews of Heal n Soothe are middling, there’s nothing particularly egregious, with low doses we wouldn’t expect there to be many Heal n Soothe side effects (excluding allergens) so there’s not a lot of negative heal n soothe reviews on that front. As for pain relief customers don’t report it being particularly effective, and similar response to joint flexibility. Some customers did report improvements to inflammation, which isn’t overly unexpected as bromelain is known for it’s anti inflammatory properties and it’s correctly dosed.

Is Heal n Soothe Safe?

Heal n Soothe should be safe with the exclusion of allergens. Heal n Soothe pills are produced in line with GMP guidelines although they are not directly regulated by the FDA. The question isn’t really whether heal n soothe is safe, but does heal n soothe work.

Heal And Soothe Side Effects

Safe doesn’t mean that there are no heal n soothe side effects, whilst they should be relatively rare boswellia and bromelain can both cause mild nausea in some cases.

Heal N Soothe Pros And Cons


  • Contains some research-backed ingredients for pain relief
  • No questionable additive ingredients


  • Some active ingredients may be underdosed
  • Concerning warning about potential blood-thinning effect
  • Brand’s website includes questionable health claims
  • Mixed reviews on Amazon
  • Incomplete information about individual enzyme doses
  • One enzyme may potentially increase pain based on a medical review

Heal n Soothe Review Conclusion

Heal n Soothe is chronically underdosed to the point where we can’t recommend it. There are two ingredients in the supplement which should be effective, but considering that $10 a month more will get you 4 times the product, we can’t recommend it.

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